Minutes from the Old Days


Adelaide 3rd January 1862 Generalversammlung (General Meeting)

Mr. Armbruster was elected chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

The secretary read the last protocol and the treasurer followed with his report for the last quarter as follows:

Cash on Hand 1st October 1861 £11. 2. 4.
Membership fees collected £5. 17. 6.
Total £16. 19. 10.
Expenditure last quarter £5. 7. 0.
Balance £11. 12. 10.

This report was accepted by all members and signed by the chairman.

Mr. Ziegler then read a letter from Mr. Weidenbach wherein he thanked the Liedertafel for their appreciation towards his family in preparing the terrific atmosphere at the New Year’s evening celebration. He also sent the bill for the wine, £ 4. 10. 00. Mr. Maraun proposed that each member pay 3s to settle the account and the left over money be given to the Weidenbach children as a gift. All present accepted this proposal and Mr. Ziegler was asked [to organize it].

Then Mr. Schierenbeck asked if he has to pay the conductor (presumably Carl Linger who had been absent for some months due to ill health) the money for the practice evenings as demanded by clause 3 in the ALT constitution.

Afterwards Mr. Ziegler proposed the following: The trustees should collect all inventory pieces that are not in use anymore, by the 14th of this month and shall sell them. Mr. Maraun seconded this proposal and all were in agreement.

Mr. Leschen moved, seconded by Mr. Niehuus, that the Liedertafel shall purchase some lyres for all members to wear on their uniforms at all functions. This move was unanimously accepted. Two people (Mr. Armbrüster and Mr. Maraun) were nominated to look in to this matter, regarding cost and material.

Mr. Ziegler noticed a steady decline in positive activity over the past eight weeks and asked the committee to look at this matter, so that it won’t get any worse in future.

Mr. Schierenbeck was to tell the acting conductor to continue as long as Mr. Linger is absent from his duties due to ill health. This is the wish of the Liedertafel. Mr. Schierenbeck then moved that the Liedertafel thank the two committees for an excellently executed new year’s eve party and Fackelzug (lantern march).

Then the meeting was closed. Present were 18 members.

Adelaide 7th January 1862

The entry in the original minute book is partly illegible and some sentences were hard to understand. We apologize for any inaccuracies.

Mr. Eitzen proposed that Mr. Voges is to be considered to become a member of the Liedertafel. His voice would fit the 2nd Tenor, after being auditioned by the conductor. Since the balance of the Liedertafel would be affected, he was asked to be put on the waiting list for the time being. Then Mr. Schierenbeck discharged himself from the commission to speak to the conductor, given to him by the Liedertafel at the last AGM.

Present were 19 members.

Adelaide 14th January 1862

The trustees could not procure the [obsolete] inventory items in time and therefore the auction was postponed for one more week.

Present were 17 members.

Adelaide 21st January 1862

The undersigned proposed the song "Schon die Abendglocken klangen" (The evening bells ring beautifully) from "Der Nachtlager". [His proposal] was seconded by Mr. Schlüter and accepted by all present.

After the choir practice the auction [of obsolete inventory items] could finally take place. The total proceeds were £2.

Present were 20 members.

Adelaide 4th February 1862

The song "Kommt Brüder, trinkt froh mit mir" (Come brothers, drink happily with me) was proposed by Mr. Mühr and seconded by Mr. Braun. [The latter] was once more asked to enrich our song books with one more song.

Present were 19 members.

Adelaide 11th February 1862

Mr. Schierenbeck informed the present members, that he has received an invitation from Mr. Torrens for the Liedertafel to participate at a special function to sing next Friday in Mitcham in an organized concert with an honorary readout. This was accepted and the following songs for the time being were selected:

1. Das Deutsche Vaterland

2. Ich geh’ noch Abends spät vorbei (I'll go late in the evening)

3. Beglückte Massen (Delighted crowds)

4. Schlachtgesang (Battle song)

Further, it was decided to meet at 6pm at Hamburg Hotel and depart from there at 6.15pm

Present were 20 members.

Editor’s note:
Carl Linger’s ill health has been mentioned several times in these minutes to date. In fact, Linger
's health was failing badly at this time and, despite having an intention to visit Berlin, he died from dropsy (a large accumulation of watery fluid; probably causing heart seizure) on 16 February 1862. He was buried in West Terrace cemetery and left an estate of £1,200 to his wife. Although he had stimulated a taste for music in South Australia he was soon forgotten by the general public, but in the State's centenary year of 1936 a subscription was raised for a sandstone monument, eight feet (2.4 m) high, over his neglected grave. The memorial was unveiled by the premier before a thousand people and the 'Song of Australia' was sung - led by, of course, by the Adelaider Liedertafel.

Biography of Carl Linger

More about Carl Linger in these pages


Adelaide 16th February 1862

In consequence of the death [today] of the Liedertafel’s first conductor and co-founder Carl Linger a special meeting was fixed for this evening. Under the chair of Mr. Schierenbeck the members came to the following resolutions:


The Liedertafel will participate in the funeral next day at 3pm.


The Liedertafel will march behind the coffin, which will be draped with our banner.


Mr. Reinhardt proposed that a brass quartet should play at the cemetery. This was not accepted. Instead, a seven-man brass band (for the amount of £3.10.0 should play all the way to the cemetery.


Members will assemble at Mr. Mühr's house.


The following songs will be sung at the cemetery: a) Es is bestimmt ... in front of the house; b) Integer vitae and c) Nacht, O Nacht at the cemetery.

After this the Liedertafel members will assemble at the school room.

Present were 18 members.

Adelaide 18th February 1862

It was decided that the Liedertafel will sing next Monday at the wedding eve party of Mr. Lesching. The members will meet at 10pm at Wedemeyer’s place and practice the following three songs:

1. Alles was die Erd’ enthält (The Earth is full)

2. Im Sommer such’ ein Liebchen dir (In summer I will seek a sweetheart)

3. Treue kleine Laute (Faithful little lute)

Present were 19 members.

Adelaide 4th March 1862

At last Tuesday an invitation was read to the members by Mr. Schierenbeck. The Liedertafel was invited again to participate with a few songs at the Institute’s Soiree. It was accepted and the following songs were selected:

1. Schon die Abendglocken

2. Seid gegrüßt ihr stolzen Höhen (Be greeted, proud heights)

3. Ich geh’ noch Abends

4. Hör lieber Wilhelm…

[If required the encore will be] "Das Deutsche Vaterland".

Mr. Schierenbeck then asked one of the choir members to see Mrs. Linger and ask her if the Liedertafel possibly can use the music scores from Mr. C. Linger for the singing at the Soiree and report back to him.

Next item was to also sing at Mr. Maraun’s wedding eve party at next Monday. Meeting again, at 10pm in Wedemeyer’s place.

Present were 19 members.

Adelaide 11th February 1862

Mr. Kuntze reported to the members that the Soiree will take place in White’s Rooms at 8pm next Friday and they will assemble there at this time. Mr. Schierenbeck then issued tickets for the singers and their ladies.

Present were 18 members.

Adelaide 18th February 1862

Mr. Armbrüster presented a letter he had received from Mr. Needham to the members in which he asked the committee if the Liedertafel would be willing to sing at their second festival at the Torrens Park. The committee decided to decline this time and the undersigned shall report their decision to Mr. Needham. He was very disappointed over this decision and asked if there was at least the possibility for some members to attend, he also will hold 12 tickets for them and their ladies. The committee did not commit itself at that point.

Present were 15 members.

Adelaide 25th February1862

The undersigned read a letter out he received from Mr. Hanhen, a former member of the Liedertafel. In this he asked if the members could accept an apology for a rude remark he once made when he left the ALT, and [asked if he could] become a member again. Mr. E. Mumme proposed, seconded by Mr. Braun to reinstate Mr. Hanhen. No decision was made.

Mr. Armbrüster reported that with regards to the lyre emblem matter the cost will be 6s each. Any decision was postponed to the next General Meeting, which was fixed for the 2nd April.

Mr. Schierenbeck lodged an application, to select two auditors which were Mr. Balek and Mr. Leschen. Both accepted the nomination.

Present were 18 members.

Adelaide 1st April 1862

Mr. Hahnen’s voice was assessed by the conductor, accepted by all present and set in to the 1st Tenor.

Present were 21 members.

Adelaide 2nd April 1862 Generalversammlung (GM)

Mr. Leschen was elected as chairman and opened the GM.

The undersigned read the last protocol as well as the cashier.

Following was the last quarter’s cash report:

Cash at 1st January £11. 12. 10.
Income last quarter £10. 3. 6.
Total £21. 16. 4.
Expenditure last quarter £17. 13. 9.
Left with £4. 2. 7.

Both reports were accepted and signed by the chairman.

Mr. Reinhardt proposed, seconded by Mr. Schlüter, to purchase 3 dozen lyres from Germany because the cost would not exceed a half Thaler (German currency at this time). This was accepted by all members and Mr. Armbrüster was authorized to go ahead with the purchase.

The undersigned would like to relinquish his post as secretary forthwith, because he can’t manage to be in time for future meetings. Mr. Ziegler nominated Mr. Niebur for this position, Mr. Schierenbeck seconded and all present accepted unanimous.

Present were 13 members.

Adelaide 8th April 1862

Mr. Schierenbeck reported to the committee that Mr. Schmidt requested the Liedertafel for a sacred Friday concert. This was nearly unanimously declined, because the first Tenor [section] was too weak for any open concert.

Present were 19 members.

Adelaide 15th April 1862

Mr. Schierenbeck [stated that he] noticed that the Singers in recent times were disturbed during practice. [This was due to] loud talking by guests at practice. Mr. Balck, seconded by Mr. Armbrüster, proposed to put a stop to this by only letting people in after 9pm, and the landlord [was requested to] vouch for their good behavior.

This proposal was accepted unanimously.

Present were 19 members.

Adelaide 22nd April 1862

Mr. Ziegler reported that he finally received an outstanding receipt from the Zöllner committee at Leipzig and the account could now be closed. This promised to be a good balance in the books for the Zöllner Family: £84.9.1 and one delicate sheet of linen cloth.

Present were 22 members.

Adelaide 29th April 1862

On behalf of all members the committee decided that on the 30th June – foundation day - a concert followed by an evening ball will take place. Next Tuesday a 5-member committee shall be formed to organize this function.

Present were 19 members

Adelaide 6th May 1862

Mr. Schierenbeck, the chairperson-elect started the ballot for the 5 member committee. The following outcome were accepted by all present members.


Mr. Schierenbeck and Mr. Armbrüster each 13 votes


Mr. Balck and Mr. Ziegler each 9 votes


Mr. Reinhardt 7 votes

The new formed committee will have their first meeting on Sunday at Mr. Zieglers premises.

Present were 19 members

Adelaide 13th May 1862

Mr. Armbrüster, seconded by Mr. Reinhardt, proposed the song: "Die drei Käferknaben", which was actually the conductors request. It was accepted by all present.

The Wedemeier family (Herr Wedemeier was the proprietor of the Hamburg Hotel, venue of the choir's practices at this time) had a joyful happening to report. A possible new singer for the Liedertafel was born into their family. [Herr Wedemeier] then treated the singers to a few carafes of wine. The chairman of the ALT then congratulated Mr. Wedemeier with a witty speech, which was returned with an even wittier speech from Mr. Wedemeier, to the amusement of the whole choir.

After this a jolly practice took place. Then Mr. Schierenbeck reported from the sub-committee their decisions for the forthcoming event.


The Jubilee celebrations shall take place on the 30th June 1862.


Schrader’s band will be playing for the same cost as at the last performance. Mr. Schrader and Mr. Heidecke will be asked if they are willing to do two solo pieces.


Each member will be issued 6 tickets to sell.


The cost of the tickets is 2/6 and the members are responsible for them.


Unsold tickets have to be returned latest by Friday 27th June.


Any person who would like to entertain at this event has to let the committee know
at least 14 days in advance.


The following songs were proposed by the committee:

a) Abendchor aus "Das Nachtlager von Granada"
Kommt Brüder trinket
Das Vaterland
Seid gegrüßt, ihr stolzen Höhen
Tiroler Heimweh


The Theatre Company shall be asked to lend the backdrop for this event.


The committee trust it will be possible to form some duet, trio or quartet for the evening.


Also the committee would finish of the evening with a dinner, but no decision was made as jet before asking the members.

All decisions were accepted except that the song "Tiroler Heimweh" shall be swapped for "Die Käferknaben". A decision for this will be handed down next week.

Therefore the meeting was postponed.

Present were 18 members

Adelaide 20th May 1862

Mr. Eitzen kindly lent the Liedertafel his own song book, which was greatly appreciated by all members. Also it was proposed that the choir bear the cost of writing songs into the song books in future.

Mr. Niehuus proposed, seconded by Mr. Schlüter, that the song "Song of Australia" be accepted.

With regards to the evening Mr. Ziegler advised that Mr. Wedemeier is willing to provide a cold buffet for the cost of 3/-. A vote on Mr. Z.'s proposal was accepted unanimously.

Present were 21 members

Adelaide 27th May 1862

Nothing of importance was adopted.

Present were 19 members

Adelaide 3rd June 1862

Mr. Käsehagen proposed, seconded by Mr. Eitzen, that Mr. Nettelbeck becomes a new member in the Liedertafel.

During the evening Mr. Ziegler congratulated Mr. Schierenbeck on his 35th birthday, which he gratefully accepted and presented the AL with two bowls of punch. He then reminded the members never to forget the bachelors that they once were.

Present were 20 members

Adelaide 10th June 1862

Mr. Nettelbeck has been auditioned by the conductor, then was accepted by all and taken in to the 2nd Tenor.

Present were 22 members

Adelaide 17th June 1862

Nothing was brought forward.

The next Generalversammlung (AGM) was fixed for Wednesday after the Jubilee Celebrations.

Present were 23 members

Adelaide 1st July 1862

Because of the Jubilee Celebrations, at which numerous members were present, no meeting was conducted.

The Celebrations ended the next morning about 5am.

The programme before the dance was as follows:

1.  Overture from "The White Lady"
2.  Choirsang "Nachtlager" aus Granada
Solo by Mr.Heidecke on clarinet
Choir "Trinklied"
Solo by Mr. Schierenbeck "Der Fährmann"
Choir "A.B.C."
Overture from "Regia"
Choir "Wanderlied"
Duet for two French Horns
Choir from Fanchon Nr.
. Declamation "Tarands heilige Hallen" by Mr. Ziegler
Choir "Die Käferknaben"


Adelaide 2nd July 1862


Mr. Schierenbeck was elected chairman and opened the meeting.

Minutes from the last AGM were read and accepted by all present.

Treasurer's report:

Income £12. 15. 1.
Expenditure £9. 14. 11. ½
Balance £3. 0. 1. ½

In the meantime Mr. Wedemeier put all the leftovers from the ball last night on a long table. The members felt that there was not enough time to eat all this after the meeting. Consequently it was proposed that the meeting be postponed to next Tuesday, which was unanimously accepted by all present.

The protocol was read and the meeting closed.

Present were 20 members
signed: W. Niebour


Adelaide 8th July 1862

The AGM from last week continued, but before the meeting started Mr. Niebour put his in resignation formally to the committee from this job (of secretary). In his place Mr. Niehuus took over (again! Mr Niehuus was the foundation secretary, and had only relinquished the job on April 2nd. So, after only 3 months, he has once again shouldered the burden.).

Mr. Armbrüster proposed that any member without a reasonable apology beforehand who was not present [at practice] by 8:15pm [would be levied] a penalty of 6p. This was seconded by Mr. Mühr and agreed to by all present.

Mr. Ziegler proposed to purchase a letterbox, to keep and collect all the above. This was unanimously accepted. Mr. Käsehagen was asked to look in to this matter.

Mr. Armbrüster, seconded by Mr. Balck, proposed to decline a invitation to Melbourne, because not enough singers were available due to work commitments. The proposal was accepted and Mr. Ziegler asked to write to them and put our apology in.

Then Mr. Armbrüster with his charming, sweet voice came once more in to tune (one can only wonder why the outgoing secretary would have written this ...) He proposed that the choir historian  put a list together with all songs sung to date, so they can be repeated at any practice in the future. Of course not all at once! This was accepted by all present. The Proposal was seconded by Mr. Braun.

Mr. Balck reminded the chairman that two trustees had to be voted in, to check the books. Mr. Ziegler and Mr. Niebour were selected. Mr. Niebour then closed the [minute] books and handed them over to the capable hands of Mr. Niehuus as his successor.

Present were 21 members
W. Niebour


Adelaide 15th July 1862

After Mr. Niebour’s resignation the position of the secretary was now once more in the hands of Mr. Niehuus.

The secretary then read a letter by the brothers E. & E. Mumme wherein both declared their resignation from the choir forthwith.

He then read a second letter wherein the former secretary Mr. Niebour also declared his resignation. The reason for this are several [but] one [incident of] rudeness stands out.

The ALT was very sorry to see the Mumme brothers going but hope this will only be for a short time till they can greet them back again.

The trustees reported they had checked the books and could not find anything but a minor mistake. [This was] for a music book where the amount of 4s 6d had been billed to the ALT. Mr. Braun explained he had made a mistake and will credit the amount back to the treasurer.

The treasurer noticed that an amount of 4s for a allegedly missing menu card, at the Jubilee Celebrations at Voss’s premises and later was found again, had been accepted by all members.

Mr. Armbrüster brought forward a request to hold a concert for the benefit of some families at Wallaroo. These people survived the shipwreck of the "Marion" and had  lost everything. After lengthy discussion the members declared [they wanted] to help because they saw the necessity to do so. A committee comprising messrs. Ziegler, Armbrüster and Schierenbeck was formed and the conductor promised his support.

Editor's Note: The steamship "Marion" ran aground and was wrecked at Cape Spencer, at the south-western tip of SA's Yorke Peninsula during foggy conditions on 11th July 1862. All 50 passengers and crew reached shore safely, were rescued by another steamer and taken to Port Adelaide. It appears the ship had been on its way from Wallaroo to Adelaide.

After this two more songs, "Song of Australia" and "Rule Brittania" were selected for next week's practice.

Present were 20 members

Adelaide 22nd July 1862

From the Melbourne “Deutscher Turnverein“ came an invitation, undersigned by the secretary Mr. F. Gelbredt. This invitation was for a function which will be held in springtime. The ALT had to decline because of other commitments at this time. Also sending some music pieces per post to them at this moment would be difficult and has to be postponed to a later date.

Furthermore for the upcoming concert the following gentleman promised their assistance: Mr. Lindley, Mr. Norman, Carl Schmidt and R.B.White, as well as the two ladies Wischmark and Perryman. The Braunschweiger Band is prepared to participate if the ALT is willing to settle any insurance claim if a member comes to fall on the stage. Mr. Armbrüster was authorized to tell Mr. Aldridge that the concert could be next week on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, [and that it would] take place in White’s rooms.

Last Thursday’s selected committee will be expanded by the minute taker Mr. Niehuus. The same shall invite the brothers Edmund and Emil Mumme to participate at this next concert.

The price for the tickets shall be 2s.6. and 4s.

The following songs were selected:

  1. Kommt Brüder, trinket froh mit mir
  2. Altfrauen Walzer
  3. Speisezettel
  4. Es lebe hoch
  5. Der Kriegerstand

If required, the encore will be "Song of Australia"

Present were 17 members

Adelaide 29th July 1862

Received were letters from: Mr. Perryman, Mr. Wishart, Mr. v d Heyde and the Brothers E. & E. Mumme who promised their participation [in the forthcoming concert]. Also Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Lindley - Norman & Mr. White as well as the Braunschweig Band. [Arrangements for] advertising in the paper and printing of the tickets are in hand. Therefore the concert will take place at the decided day and venue. Members will be asked to make their appearance at ¼ to 8pm in White’s rooms. If for any reason changes [to the programme] have to be made the following will be accepted: added to the Kriegerstand – der Schlachtgesang, to the Altfrauen – Walzer the 3 first verses of der Käferknabe, for the Trinklied the 1st, 5th and 6st verses of das Deutsche Vaterland and added to the Speisezettel the first two verses of Song of Australia.

Following is the complete program for the evening:

Adelaide Assembly Rooms

Wednesday 30th July 1862

Grand Concert

Given by the Adelaider Liedertafel for the benefit of the unfortunate people of the lost ship MS Marion.

With the assistance of Mesdames Perryman & Wishart, Mssrs R.B.White, R.A.Linley-Norman, C. Schmidt, C. Kunze, M.G.van der Heyde as well as the Braunschweig Band.

Program Part I

  1. Overture: “Italian in Algiers" (Braunschweig Band)
  2. Overture: “The treasures of the deep" Words by Mrs. Hemans, Composed by her sister Mrs. Perryman
  3. Choir: Altfrauen – Walzer (Shaeffer) Adelaider Liedertafel
  4. Duet: Violin and Piano “Lastige Corintse" Mr. C. Schmidt & Mr. Linley – Norman )
  5. Gaily to the Spirits dance (H. West & Mrs. Wishart)
  6. Choir: Kommt Brüder, trinket
  7. Duet: “A voice from the waves" by Glover (Mesdames Perryman & Wishart)

Programme Part II
  1. "Regina, on les Denc Nuits" (Braunschweig Band)
  2. Song: The Fairy Bells (Mesdames Norton & Perryman)
  3. Choir: “Es lebe hoch der Kriegerstand“ (Long live the warrior class) from "Ca Danu Boiddion Blanche"
  4. Solo: Violin, “Fantasie Coprice" by Vienstemps (Mr. R.B. White)
  5. Song: “The Arab’s Farewell to his favorite Stallion“ by Blockley (Mr. G. van der Heyde)
  6. Duet: “Daughter of the Regiment“ by Donizetti (Mr. Linley – Norman & C. Kunze)
  7. Song: “Lovely Night“ (Mrs Wishart)
  8. Choir “Speisezettel“ (Bill of Jahre)

“God save the Queen“

Reserved Tickets for seat 4s; unreserved 2s.6. Tickets can be purchased at all booksellers and at the door on the evening of the concert. Doors open at half past seven till eight o clock. The concert commences at eight o'clock sharp.

Present were 20 members.


Adelaide 5th August 1862

Mr. Armbrüster opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

He then gave a rundown about the concert and total take in from the sale of tickets.

Income  44. 6.

Expenditure £ 17. 12. 6.

Total proceeds £26. 8. -

This amount was handed over to Mr. Elder who passed it on to the “Marion Fundraiser“.  The undersigned was asked to write a thank you letter to all participants. Because of the bad weather the following members, who lived outside the city area were released from paying the 10 guineas fine - Mr. Schlegel, Mr. Bielefeld and Mr. Mäth.

Present were: 17 members.


Adelaide 12th and 19th No meetings took place.


Adelaide 26st August 1862

The family von der Heyde presented the Liedertafel with a new song: "Wo solch ein Freund noch gedeiht". Mr. Schierenbeck proposed this song to put to practice, seconded by the undersigned. The choir accepted and Mr. Braun was authorized to write it in to the songbooks. Also Mr. Schierenbeck told the committee that the preparations for an entertainment evening where too short and proposed it be postponed. This was unanimously accepted.

Present were: 19 members.

Adelaide 2nd.September 1862

Because the entertainment evening was postponed the chairman told the present members that he had an invitation from the Tanunda Liedertafel to participate in a song festival during Christmas time at Gawler. But this had to be declined because not all Liedertafel member would be able to attend. Instead the Liedertafel should prepare a day excursion. This was proposed by Mr. Ziegler and seconded by Mr. Armbrüster.

Present were: 20 members.

Adelaide 9th September 1862

Mr. Armbrüster was declared to be the chairman.

He than read a letter received from the Port Adelaide Institute. It was a request to participate in a “Soiree“ of the Institute on October the 6th. Transport and refreshments will be free for all. Mr. Balcke's proposal to this offer was unanimously accepted and the undersigned prepared a written answer for the Institute.

Present were: 19 members.

Adelaide 19th September 1862 No meeting was conducted.

Adelaide 22nd September 1862

A invitation from the German Club was received and read to all present. Mr. Armbrüster proposed its acceptance and the undersigned shall give a answer to the Club immediately.

For the Institute soiree the following songs were selected:

  1. Kommt Brüder, trinket (Come brothers, drink)
  2. Es ziehe nach fernen Landen (Moving to a far-away land)
  3. Der alte Fritz (Old Fritz)
  4. Beglückte Welten (Delightful worlds)
  5. Der feine Wilhelm (The good William)

If an encore is needed it will be from the following:
bulletKund ist alles (All is known)
bulletSong of Australia
bulletSpeisezettel (The menu)
bulletDer Wanderer (The wanderer)
Present were: 16 members


Adelaide 30th September 1862

The following songs, proposed by Mr. Ziegler and seconded by Mr. Balck were practiced: “Toast“ from Mr. Schierenbeck and Mr. Reinhardt: “Dir will ich diese Lieder weihen“. Both songs were accepted and Mr. Braun will write them in to the songbooks.

Furthermore the Adelaider Liedertafel received a request letter from the Institute for Monday night at 7pm to attend a function. Therefore a bus will be ordered to the Hamburg Hotel by 5.30pm and leave at 6pm sharp.

After this, the birth of two baby sons of Mr. Balck and Mr. Reinhardt were celebrated. All members convened after the practice to the Maranil House and sang a few songs for the resident's wife’s birthday.

Present were: 18 members.

Adelaide 7th October 1862

After the concert at the Institute 18 members surprised the crew of the ship “San Francisco“ just sailed in from Hamburg, with some songs - "Des Deutschen Vaterland"  and "Auf ihr Brüder".

Present were: 18 members.

Adelaide 14th October 1862

After the choir practice the quarterly AGM took place. Mr. Balck was elected to take the chair.

Supplement: Mr. Schierenbeck announced that the meeting will be postponed to next Tuesday.

Then Mr. Voss and Mr. Schlüter were selected to open the meeting.

The treasurer reported that the books are in order and gave the following statement:

Income for the last quarter: £ 44. - 1.5

Expenditure:    £ 37. 7. 6.

Total balance: £ 6. 12. 7.5

The treasurer's report was unanimously accepted.

The undersigned was asked to read the minutes next Tuesday night because it was not complete. Mr. Maraun, seconded by Mr. Schlegel, proposed to scrap the penalty payment. Mr. Armbrüster proposed, seconded by Mr. Eitzen, that the fine shall remain because it has done a lot of good to the choir. This second proposal was than accepted by all.

Mr. Käsetragen moved to sort the songs in the books in to a more user friendly manner. Slow and fast songs are all mixed up and make it more difficult to sing. Mr. Schlüter offered to look in this matter and all accepted this.

A thank you letter from the Institute was received.

The treasurer asked the committee if he can burn the old bills up to the end of this last year. The O.K. was given and then the meeting closed.

Present were: 20 members.

Adelaide 21st – 28th October 1862

No meetings were held.

Adelaide 4th November 1862

The 11th November will be a day of mourning and the choirs practice was shifted to Monday the 10th.

Mr. Edmund Mumme was proposed by Mr. Sandtler to become a member of the Adelaider Liedertafel.

Adelaide 10th November 1862

The membership of Mr. E. Mumme was discussed and he was then unanimously accepted as a first tenor. (this man went on to later become a conductor and life member of the choir).

Present were: 18 members.

Adelaide 17th November 1862

Mr. Ziegler said that the German club wishes the ALT to become affiliated with the club. The answer was that only a few members would be willing to join the German club. The ALT member voted unanimously to remain for the future an independent group.

Present were: 13 members.

Adelaide 18th November 1862

 Mr. Balck was elected to be the chairman.

Mr. Ziegler reminded the committee that it is time to do something and prepare for the forthcoming New Years party. Also it is important to make some preparations for the next outing by bus. Mr. Reinhardt proposed and Mr. Schierenbeck seconded that a committee consisting of 5 people be elected. The ballot was as followed:

Mr. Ziegler           15 votes
Mr. Balck             13 votes
Mr. Armbrüster    12 votes
Mr. Reinhardt      11 votes
Mr. Maraun          10 votes 

Mr. Ziegler and Mr. Armbrüster proposed that some money from the moneybox be taken.

Also Mr. Schierenbeck proposed, that a report [for the two functions] be handed in to the committee. Mr. Basedow will write this report and until this has been done and can be presented to the singers it will be posponed to the next meeting.

Present were: 19 members.


 Adelaide 25th November 1862

Mr. Leschen was elected chairman. He and Mr. Balck then tabled the sub-committee's decision for the New years evening.

This was accepted by all members. [The report comprised:]

1. The festivity will be held as a picnic in Mr. Weidenbach's Backyard.

2. Mr. Schrader will organise a 4 man band for the cost of £4.

3. The members and other guests will be transported by bus to and from the venue. The cost: 1s 6d.

4. The busfare will be paid out of the moneybox. 

5. To cover the cost of the band there will be a charge of 5s per member.

6. For the bus and picnic tickets will be issued.

6a. It was proposed by Mr. Marain, seconded by Mr. Reinhardt that children under the age of 2 years be free of any charge. Children over the age of 4 years have to pay the full bus fares. Proposed by Mr. Ziegler and seconded by Mr. Käsehagen. Both proposals are accepted.

7. The number of invited guests shall not exceed 120.

8. The ALT member are responsible for the money and tickets. The ticket sale must be settled at the next choir practice after [the event].

9. The unsold tickets can only be returned to one of the above 5 [sub-committee] members.

The proposals for the singers ball were finally read out and accepted by all present.Mr. Reinhardt proposed and seconded by Mr. Schlüter, that the ALT practice the song " die Kapelle " by Kreutzer. This was unanimously accepted.

Present were: 22 members.


 Adelaide 2nd December 1862 

Mr. Käsehagen proposed two songs for the ALT to practice, Mr. Armbrüster seconded and both songs were accepted. Mr. Braunwill write them in to the song books.

Present were: 20 members.


Adelaide 9th December 1862  

The ALT received an invitation to join the German Club picnic at Glen Osmond on the 25th December 1862. The invitation was declined by the ALT because not enough members could attend.

The ALT will try to get some members together so they may be able to sing a song or two. The secretary will contact the club committee.

Mr. Balck than read the committee's report for the forthcoming New years event as follows:

1. The buses will leave at 8pm sharp from the club house.

2. The band will lead the buses. On arrival at the venue the band will play "Song of Australia" and the ALT will sing.

3. The following songs were selected:

   a. Am schönsten klingt (The most beautiful sounds)

   b. Kommt Brüder trinkt (Come brother, drink)

   c. Mit perlendem Wein (With sparkling wine)

   d. Die Käferknaben (The beetle boys)

   e. Wo solch ein Feuer (Such a fire)

    f. Großmutter (Grandmother)

   g. Ich geh' noch abends (I'll even go at night)

   h. Fesche Weisen (New tunes)

    i. Speisezettel (The menu)

    j. Feiner Wilhelm (Fine William)


A double quartet will sing "Nacht und Kraft" and "Copella"

At 12am [there will be] a speech from a member and then the ALT will sing "Das Deutsche Vaterland"

Present were: 19 members.


 Adelaide 16th December 1862

 No committee meeting


Adelaide 23rd December 1862

The undersigned was not present.

Mr. Armbrüster's suggestion of the song "In der Heimat ist es schön" was accepted by all.

Mr. Maetch was proposed to become a ALT member by Mr. Oehlemann and seconded by Mr. E. Mumme.

 Present were: 20 members.



TH. Niehuus, Secretary