Minutes from the Old Days


Adelaide 6th January 1863

Mr. Nettelbeck proposed and Mr. Käsehagen seconded a membership proposal for Mr. Wagner. The membership from Mr. Oehlemann was accepted after a ballot. Mr. Schierenbeck then ordered the next General Meeting for Friday 9th January at 9pm.

It was reported that the festivities at the New Years ball were a success and without any problems.

Present were: 20 members.


 Adelaide 9th January 1863   General Meeting

The GM started under the chair of Mr. Reinhardt. The treasurer presented the quarterly account as follows:

Balance for October 1st:                £   6. 12. 7-1/2

Income:                                            £   8. 12.     - 

Total:                                                                    £ 15.  4.  7-1/2

Expenses:                                        £   8. 14.     -

Balance as at 1st January:                £ 6. 10.  71/2

The undersigned read the minutes of the last GM.

Mr. Balck moved acceptance [of the minutes] and [the] seconder was Mr. Schierenbeck.

Mr. Balck asked the committee to remove in future the penalty for not attending choir practice [or for being late]. [He stated that] if the penalty continued it could result in the choir losing members. Some members could not be on time because they are business people. Mr. Maraun seconded this request. Mr. Armbrüster put an amendment to this proposal: if a member does not have a good and acceptable reason to be late, then he should pay the penalty. This was seconded by Mr. Schlüter. In a ballot following the amendment it was accepted.

Mr. Schierenbeck advised he would no longer collect the penalties. Mr. Schlüter was willing to take this job on. The necessary amendment was then added to the constitution, after acceptance by all present. After a second ballot Mr. Maraun and Mr. Mühr were elected to the positions as the choir's penalty collectors.

Mr. Ziegler presented his financial report for the New Year's Eve function:

Takings were: £ 24. 12. 6. Fare costs for 20 members of £ 1.10.0 were paid out of the proceeds.

Expense: £ 20. 10.0, which left the ALT with £4.2.6 which was kept for a future engagement.

After the committee received a thank you for a job well done the meeting was closed.

Present were: 11 members.


Adelaide 13th January 1963

Mr. Schierenbeck was elected chairman. Then the undersigned read the last GM report so all members were informed of the resolutions.

Mr. Wagner was accepted as a new ALT member and installed as a first Bass.

Mr. Ziegler seconded by Mr. Schierenback then asked for 250 apology letters to be printed and distributed by the singers. Mr. Maraun then asked the committee to withdraw this request  because it would be money uselessly spent, and it would compromise the individual members. This amendment was accepted by all.

Mr. Armbrüster reported the arrival of the lyre badges from Hamburg.The members were asked for their opinion and all were very satisfied with them. The treasurer was asked to pay the postage of £2.16 and Mr. Armbrüster was thanked for his efforts with the order.

Present were: 21 members.


Adelaide 20th January 1863 

Mr. Reinhardt took the chair. Mr. Armbrüster reported that the German Club had organised a steet march. As the ALT spokesperson he told the club that the ALT with its banner will take part in it. Mr. Balk seconded this intention and all were in favour.

Assembly of the singers at 12.15pm will be at the Hamburg Hotel and the choir will then march to the Hotel Europe. Mr. Armbrüster will carry the banner.

All singers shall wear the new lyre badge on their uniform, left hand pocket. Since after more than one hour no decision was made Mr. Reinhardt vacated the chair and Mr. Armbrüster made the decision on behalf of the ALT. He also reminded the singers to be punctual and then closed the meeting. Before closing Mr. Nettelbeck proposed Mr. Schmelzkopf of Tanunda, to become a new Member.

Present were: 21 members.


Adelaide 27th January 1863.  

A letter from Mr. Bickford was received and read out. He asked the committee if he could borrow 12 song books for a special function banquet. Mr. Armbrüster was selected to deliver them.

Mr. Schmelzkopf was accepted as a new member of the ALT for the first Bass.

Present were: 18 members


Adelaide 3rd February 1863

Mr. Schierenbeck reported that Mr. Böllmann, the person who borrowed song books did so to hold voice register practice with some singers in North Adelaide.

Mr. Nitzschke became a new member of the ALT as well as Mr. Wurm. Mr. Schlüter seconded this and all unanimously accepted them.

The Song No 64 was proposed by Mr. Armbrüster and seconded by Mr. Muhr. All were in favour.

Present were: 21 member.


Adelaide 10th February 1863  

Mr. Wurm and Mr. Nitzschke were accepted into the 2nd Tenor section.

A son was born to the family of Mr. Eitzen. Maybe a future singer of the ALT. All present applauded warmly.

Mr. Armbrüster reported that only 19 lanterns are available because some broken ones have to be sorted out.

The undersigned reported that there were not enough song books for all singers exept for the 2nd Bass. A proposal to purchase new books for the other three voices was accepted and Mr. Braun was asked if he would write the songs in to them. He accepted this undertaking and will start as soon as the books are available to him.

Present were: 23 members.


Adelaide 17th February 1863

Mr. Schierenbeck proposed Mr. Georg Eymur to become a member of the ALT. He was unanimously accepted and set in to the 2nd Bass.

A letter from Cr. Th. Jones was received, requesting the Liedertafel's presence at a benefit banquet concert, contributing 2-3 songs. It will take place next Monday. Mr. Schierenbeck moved to accept this invitation and Mr. Wurm seconded. The proposal was accepted by all.

Present were: 22 members.


Adelaide 24th February 1863

Mr. Georg Eymur's membership was discussed and unanimously accepted. 

Present were 19 members.


Adelaide 3rd March 1863

Mr. Oehlmann reported his retirement from the ALT, to the undersigned.

Present were 19 members.


Adelaide 10th March - 7th April 1863 

Mr. Armbrüster reported that the 19 lanterns lent to Government House were returned in good order to the ALT.

An invitation from the Schützengruppe (Shooting Group) for the Königsschießen (King's Shoot) was declined.

A proposal for the following songs was accepted:

1. Was klingt dort vom Walde (What Sounds Ring from the Forest)

2. Die Lorelei (The Lorelei)

3. Freiheit die ich meine (Freedom, You are Mine)

An application for membership by Mr Postkuchen was presented by Mr. Käsehagen and seconded by Mr. Schierenbeck.

The next general meeting was set for Wednesday 1st April. Punctual appearance is requested.

Mr. Wurm read the minutes as only 15 members were present. Mr. Ziegler was elected to take the chair. The treasurer presented his report as follows:

Opening Balance:              £6. 10. 7-1/2

Income:                            £9. 11. 06

Total:                                £16. 02. 1-1/2

Expense:                           £ 6. 06. 1-1/2

New Balance:                    £ 9. 16. 0

On request from Mr. Schierenbeck, seconded by Mr. Reinhardt, a referendum of all voices was held that paragraphs 17 & 6 be deleted from the constitution. Paragraph 6 was replaced with the following wording: "Members who have no plausible excuses after missing 5 consecutive choir practices will be expelled." This proposal by Mr. Reinhardt and seconded by Mr. Nitzschke was accepted. Then Mr. Schierenbeck proposed and Mr. Reinhard seconded a change of the wording "two thirds of the society for the following song" be amended by adding the word "mostly". 

This was unanimously accepted.

The members Camee and Wurm were elected as auditors.

Present were: 24 members.


Adelaide 14th April 1863

Two songs were proposed by Mr. Ron Fändtler and Mr. Käsehagen: "Brüder reicht die Hand zum Bunde" (Brothers, shake hands in agreement) and "Eintracht, holde Eintracht" (Harmony, sweet harmony) by Mr. Armbrüster and Mr. Eitzen. Both songs were accepted.

Present were: 21 members.


Adelaide 21st April 1863 

Mr. Ritschler, conductor of the North Adelaide Liedertafel, asked to borrow 4 songs from the ALT. The committee granted the request.

Present were: 20 members.


Adelaide 28th April 1863 

Today Mr.Potkuchen was accepted as a new member of the 2nd Bass.

Because of the voting and counting all other business was posponed.

Present were: 25 members.


Adelaide 5th May 1863

As previous discussed the order to sing songs will be preserved. Only new songs will be accepted with priority.

Present were: 21 member.


Adelaide 12th May 1863

Mr. Armbrüster reported as follows:

In the past discussions had been held with Mrs. Perryman regarding her wish that the ALT would assist in a concert she was to organise. [She had been told that] this had to be in writing to the committee. This has not happened and the committee decided to put this for the time being on ice. Also this concert does not look to benefits anyone. Mr. Schmidt moved and Mr. Jones second this that Mr. Armbrüster will inform Mrs. Perryman of the outcome.

This concludes the meeting.

Present were: 24 members.



TH. Niehuus, Secretary


This concludes the second minutes book from our archives. One day when our translators recover from their efforts we may add to these pages.