ALT1858 Archive

This page contains miscellaneous bits and pieces - photos, articles and other historical data about the choir and its history. Any contributions to this page would be welcomed - email the author.

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The 1908 Concert was a huge event in Adelaide. Click the link to view original programme.

Our annual Erbsensuppenessen (pea soup day) function is always a great success. Usually held in July, in the depths of the Adelaide winter, there's nothing like a steaming bowl of hot pea soup with German sausage on a cold day.
SA Festival of Male Choirs - March 2005 Click the link for photos of this great event, where over 200 male singers participated in Adelaide's Festival Theatre
Sangerfest 2008/150th Jubilee celebrations Click the link for a report on this event, held in the Adelaide Town Hall in October 2008
Articles from Die Brücke This newspaper (still published today) covers all German-speaking associations in Australia. NB: Articles are in German.
Minutes from the early days Read minutes of meetings from the earliest days of the choir
Back Issues of "Das Lied" We published a monthly newsletter during the 2000's. Click the link to view back issues.

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