Gustav Beck (Bass 1)
Born 11 January 1931, Eschwege (near the border of Thüringen and Hessen), Germany
Died 23 May 2004, Adelaide
Member from 1965

One of the most committed of all ALT members, it was only illness that prevented Gustav from attending practices each Tuesday. Despite failing health and an increasing inability to get around he was nevertheless still keen to be involved, and it was only during the last few weeks that it became clear to him that he simply couldn't go any more. However, we heard that he was only waiting to get better in order to rejoin his comrades in the ALT. Sadly, it was not to be.

A magnificent baritone in his younger years he will be fondly remembered by the older members for his occasional solo efforts during major concerts. He was a friendly man with a great sense of humour, and will be missed by all.

Gustav received the following awards during his time with the ALT:


1997: Silver pin (Australian Sängerbund)


1997: Silver pin (Deutscher Sängerbund)


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