ALT 1858 extends its condolences to the family of the following member who passed away recently.

Rudi Diessner

Rudolf ("Rudi") Diessner (Bass 1)
Born 13 September 1928, Helmstedt, Germany
12 May 2011, Adelaide, aged 82

A gruff but friendly bear of a man, Rudi was one of the most popular members of the choir. Although he was a man of few words, he left no doubt in anyone's mind that the ALT was close to his heart. He often rose at Annual General Meetings to speak passionately on matters affecting the choir. We will miss his presence at practices , where he would quietly sit with a brandy and a smoke and listen to the hum of conversation swirling around him, only contributing when he had something useful to say. Rudi was always one of the first to welcome new members into the choir, and religiously greet everyone upon his arrival at practice. We will miss him.

Rudi joined the ALT in 1978, and over the course of his 30+ years of service received the ALT, Australian and German Sängerbund Silver Awards (all in 2003).

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