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Hugo Gutwein (Tenor 1)
Born 7 February 1931, Neudorf (near Belgrade), Serbia
Died 14 April 2016, Adelaide

Hugo was one of life's perpetual optimists, and a bloke who spoke easily to everyone regardless of their status. Ever cheerful, he could be relied upon to be the lone dissenting voice during votes at meetings.

"Everyone for the motion?"
28 members.

Aside from his cheerful nature Hugo will be sorely missed for his fine tenor voice. He spent many years with the choir as a first tenor, but such was his versatility that some years ago he actually sang second bass for another choir. He joined in all the choir's activities, including the tours of Germany. It was only for the last 18 months of his life, when his illness took hold, that he had to stop coming to practices. But as recently as a few months ago he renewed his financial membership, proving that he never gave up hope of returning to the choir.

Hogo joined the ALT in 1966, and thus achieved the magnificent milestone of 50 years service just before he died. He received silver service pins from the ALT (1991), the Deutscher Sängerbund (1992) and the Australischer Sängerbund (1997).

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