Karl-Heinz Ohse (Bass 2)
Born 30 May 1928, Hildesheim, Germany
Died 6 January 2013, Adelaide

From the time he joined the choir in February 1973 and for many years thereafter, Karl-Heinz was the focal point of the choir's fundraising efforts with his artistic talents as a painter, musician and all-round good bloke. During the 1970's and 80's he was instrumental in organising dances, "Hamburg Evenings" and other gala events. His hand-painted stage backdrops are still talked about today.

In his later years he liked nothing better than to join his comrades at "herrennachmittag" gatherings and social events. You always knew that if KH wasn't at practice there would be a very good reason for it.

Karl-Heinz spent most of the last 12 months of his life in and out of hospital, so it was not a great shock when he passed. But the choir has lost another of its long-standing and loyal members.

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