Walter Pagel (Bass 1)
Born 31 October, 1935, Reinbeck- Hamburg, Germany
Died 30 January 2016, Adelaide

Wally was one of those blokes that you liked instinctively. He was always cheerful - even towards the end when, towing an oxygen tank and clearly in distress with a miserable lung disease, he would have a laugh and a good word to say to all. His illness did not prevent him from attending practices, even though he was unable to sing. But such was his loyalty to his comrades that he would sit at the back and just take everything in.

Wally joined the choir in August 1981 and received silver pins for services to German singing from the ALT (2006), the German Choral Association (2007) and its Australian equivalent the Australischer Sängerbund (ASB, 2007). He also served as the choir's vice-president in the 1980's.

The Adelaider Liedertafel loses a part of its soul when it loses men such as Wally. We extend our sincere condolences to Glenice, his two daughters and their families.

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We mourn their passing

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