Norbert Petersen (Bass 1)

Born 22 September 1934 (Germany)
Died 17 March 2016 (Adelaide)

Before his retirement from singing due to a throat complaint, Norbert was a choir stalwart. He served as choir vice president for 4 years from 1972 (the year he joined the choir), president for 5 years from 1975 and secretary for 6 years in the late 1990s and into the 2000s. He remained a financial member of the choir until the end.

A fine baritone during his active years, he received the following awards for his services to German choral music:

* Silver pin (ALT1858) 1996
* Silver pin (Deutscher Sängerbund) 1997
* Silver pin (Australischer Sängerbund) 1997
* Gold pin (Verdienste um das Chorwesen, Germany) 1997

In addition to his choir activities, Norbert was also active in the service of the SA German Association, for which he received silver (1978) and gold (1999) awards.

It is due to men such as these that the choir has survived, and indeed thrived, for so long.

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We mourn their passing

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