Josef ("Sepp") Rosenblüh (Bass 1)
Born 6 October 1929, Koblenz, Germany
Died 18 December 2011, Adelaide

Since his arrival in Adelaide in the mid-1960's Sepp was a great supporter of the German club and particularly the ALT. He also sang with the German Folksong Choir for a number of years. He was a tower of strength in the early years and worked tirelessly on the ALT committee and behind the scenes, including many years as one of the choir's auditors. Many a treasurer felt nervous whenever Sepp walked in to do his annual audit. He was famous for closely examining every receipt and invoice looking for the smallest error, and he took this job very seriously.

A fine baritone in his younger years, Sepp had been very ill for the last 3 or 4 years, and his passing was not a shock. However, it did mean that another of the choir's "rocks" had perished.

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