Bruno Seifert (Bass 2)
Born 29 May 1930, Tapiau, near Königsberg (East Prussia), now Kalingrad (Russia)
23 October 2017, Adelaide

Bruno was one of those quiet achievers who worked tirelessly for the choir. He performed the essential duty of Notenwart (Music Warden) for many years. He used to come to rehearsals early, say g'day to all and sundry, and then disappear upstairs to get the rehearsal hall ready. This included moving all the chairs in position - not an easy task for someone in his eighties.

His dry sense of humour was renowned throughout the choir - he was just one of those thoroughly likable, decent blokes who always made a point of making sure everyone was included in the proceedings. If he saw you sitting alone he'd leave his circle of friends and come and sit with you for a chat and a joke. He and his wife Ilse would always be the first to arrive for rehearsals, and members arriving early would see them sitting at the same table playing cards, with Bruno moaning about the bad cards he was getting. For the last couple of years he had experienced heart problems, and so it was with sadness but no surprise that we learned of his passing in October 2017.

A member of the ALT since 1978, Bruno received a Silver pin for services to the ALT (1999), Silver pins from the Australian Sängerbund and the Deutscher Chorverband (2003), and a service award from the Australian Sängerbund (2007) "für Verdienste um das Chorwesen".


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