Maurie Sykes

Maurice Sykes (Tenor 2)
Born 8 August 1931, Adelaide
13 December 2011, Adelaide

Maurie Sykes joined the Liedertafel in October 1995. With such a quintessential English name it may have come as a surprise to many that he joined a German-singing choir, but as he once explained "My grandfather on my mother's side came from Bielefeld and grandmother on father's side was a Wagner from near Miltenberg.  With such a mix in my veins, how could I miss?" He attended many concerts and was a keen follower of the choir before being persuaded to join by Dieter Schulz.

Maurie was a fine tenor and a man with an unfailing sense of humour. He could always be trusted to come up with some witticism  at practice. He had been unable to come to practice for a few years because of problems with a hip replacement, but he kept up his membership of the choir and kept in touch with his comrades. He never quite gave up the hope of one day soon rejoining the choir on a full-time basis. Sadly, it was not to be.

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