Erwin Weise (Tenor 1)
Born 12 August 1915, Hamburg, Germany
11 September 2009, Adelaide

Erwin was the "grand old man" of the ALT. No one ever spoke a bad word about him. Despite all the horrors that the Russian front served up to him in WW2 he remained a gentle man till the end. He loved singing, waltzing with his wife, the camaraderie of the ALT and just chatting about life in general. He was a part of the 1st tenors for over 30 years, and it was rare for us to practice a new song without hearing Erwin say "I sang that in 1934" or something. His knowledge of old German lieder was encyclopedic.

His friend Con said while giving the eulogy at Erwin's funeral "a man is not dead so long as he is remembered". Erwin, you will not die for a long time yet.

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